About our idea

The natural environment was, is and will remain an indispensable partner of people in their daily lives. We draw all the resources from nature. Its beauty and magnificence  remain our main treasure.

If the nature is sick, there can’t be any healthy people. This is an axiom, the meaning of which is important for all of us to understand. The future of new generations of people depends solely on the current us.

We are not indifferent to the state of the environment in Ukraine and abroad. That is why the National Project “Ukrainian Book of Records” and the largest business club, which brings together the leaders of Ukrainian business “CEO Club Ukraine”, launched the all-Ukrainian project “Greening Ukraine”.


Книга рекордів України
CEO Club Ukraine
Сергій Гайдайчук

“Greening Ukraine” is a large-scale project, which includes numerous environmental actions and activities. Unfortunately, there are several myths. The first is that Ukrainians cannot come together. The second is the inferiority complex. However, I am convinced that the initiative to plant a million trees in one day across the country will not only unite us all, but will also show a joint story of success and introduce something new and unique that can reach the global level and shape a positive image of Ukraine in the world and the consolidation of the Ukrainians. This is certainly the Ukraine’s first project in terms of scale.

Serhii Haidaichuk

Initiator of the project "Greening Ukraine", president of the “CEO Club Ukraine”

Our goals

The purpose of the project is to draw attention to the problems of global warming and the restoration of the planet’s ecosystem, to create a positive international image of Ukraine through the joint history of success of the Ukrainian people.

Project objectives:

  • To plant 1,000,000 trees in 1 day throughout Ukraine;
  • To Conduct a nationwide environmental information campaign on tree planting;
  • To assist in planting parks and alleys during the year;
  • To consolidate Ukrainian society by uniting business circles, government, the public and the media around environmental and ecological issues and form a joint history of success of the Ukrainian people;
  • To develop the environmental culture and respectful attitude of Ukrainians towards nature.

Supported by:

Міністерство захисту довкілля та природних ресурсів України

Organized by:

БФ Озеленення України
Ганна Крисюк

The deterioration of forests in Ukraine today is one of the biggest environmental disasters. Deforestation significantly increases the risks of floods, which leads to the decline of soil quality and fertility. In addition, the deforestation of the Carpathian forests causes the reduction of biodiversity, the destruction of areas with rare species of flora and fauna, the loss of valuable natural ecosystems and the negative impact on the climate in Ukraine. We need to prevent this and to do everything possible to avoid it. We invite everyone who wants to make our Ukraine and our planet ecologically pure and beautiful to participate in the project “Greening Ukraine”.

Hanna Krysiuk

Initiator of the project "Greening Ukraine", general director of the National Project "Ukrainian Book of Records"

Organizing committee of the project:

Advisory council

Project launch

Presentation of the all-Ukrainian project “Greening Ukraine”

Озеленення України
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Activities of the project


International flash mob


Озеленення України

Eco-friendly race


Озеленення України

Regional Environmental forums


Planting trees individually

We fully support the initiatives of individual tree planting  in all parts of Ukraine. If you want your tree to appear on our interactive map, please send us your contact details and a photo as a confirmation with a link attached below! We look forward to seeing your photos and videos of planting on social media under the hashtag #MyTree #GreeningUkraine.

Проєкт Озеленення України

The establishment of Ukrainian record

Ecological action: 1.000.000 trees in one day

A brief account of our plan. We plan to plant more than 1,000,000 trees in one day (24 hours) on October 17, 2020 (from 9.00 to 21.00) within the framework of our environmental project “Greening Ukraine”  and thus to set a Ukrainian record! Anyone can become the initiative member! It requires planting a tree individually and sending a confirming photo to the Organizers, or planting trees jointly with regional action groups.

Partners of the project

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